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Halloween 2012

I’m always excited when Halloween is near. This year, VAS organized a party which was, in my opinion, so much better than last year.

We still had to study five periods of Vietnamese lessons in the morning. Although that sucked and we all got really lazy since it’s Halloween, everyone was looking forward to  the party in the afternoon. After lunch, we(the girls) decided to skip snap and did the creepy make-up and put on costumes.  We painted our faces white and our eyes black to be skeletons. When the bell rang, we gathered and took a photo with each other and our teacher, Mr.Phúc

The party  was a lot of fun. After every class has settled down, we began our first game, which was “The Longest Greeting”. The crowd went crazy when a boy from grade 6 said “Freaky Halloween” for 32 seconds, which made him the winner.  The second game, which was my favorite, was called “Shrinking Dancefloor”. The contestants (a boy and a girl) got to dance around a piece of paper and when the music stopped, they had to stepped onto the paper without letting their feet touch the ground.  We cheered very hard for Ngân and Quốc from our class. They were the top 4 winners and we were so proud of them. After two warm-up games, we were introduced to Naito’s horror movie. It was very short so I considered it a trailer but I’m really looking forward to the movie being released. The next part of the party were the performances from different classes. There were dance performances, singing performances and even acting performances.

At around 3pm, we had a short break to have some snacks. We got to drink milktea!!! After 15 minutes, we came back to the gym and the party continued. We had another game, “The Longest Line” but in my opinion, it was not as good as the previous games. Then, there were more performances for us to watch. Ours was the last and we sang “Call Me Maybe”. I think we did a pretty good job since everyone clapped their hands and we rocked the whole place!!!

The last part of the party was to announce the best posters and giving out prices. At 4.30pm, the party was over and we came home.


Photo Courtesy: undyinglyallen

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